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iPhone 5/5s

Classic and Original
As the pioneer of high-quality and durable thin cases, the Pinlo Slice 3 for Flybridge is made using revolutionary Japanese injection technology. This guarantees the best quality with perfect precision.  

Thinnest Case in the world at 0.35mm
With a thickness of only 0.35mm, the Slice 3 is the thinnest case in the world. Despite its thinness, the Slice 3 will protect your phone against scratches and daily wear and tear. 

Weighed at only 4g
Slice 3 for Flybridge will go unnoticed on your phone. With its 4g you will hardly notice any difference on your favorite device. Yet, the high quality materials we use for this case make it extremely tough.

Translucent, colorful, rubberized inner touching
With such a thin and colorful case, you are allowed to unveil the beauty of your phone and still show your style. The soft-touching interior gives the best protection to your phone.

Screen Protector included
The screen protector is easy to apply with the included applicator. Not only does it helps to prevent your screen from scratches, it also reduces glare to protect your eyes.